You may be asking "what is Power-of-tAttorney or Attorney-in-Fact and why should I get it?" Power-of-Attorney (or POA for short) is a legal designation of an individual you trust to have the power to use your assets to act in your best interest (hence acting as your "attorney"). This is done in case you are somehow unable to make such decisions, a common example would if you somehow medically incapacitated by dementia or something like it. This is generally most beneficial to older individuals or believe will soon develop medical issues. A POA is often made around the same time a person makes a will, with the POA often being the spouse or most trusted child of the person designating the POA. The powers of the POA can change based on the state it is made, but generally, the POA must use the assets in the best interests of the designator, or in line with their wishes. POAs are generally resporsable to answer the executor of one's estate, though one can make the POA the executor as well. If the POA sounds like somthing that would benifit you, continue to make one with this app. for free.